Getting Back to Routine After The Holiday Season

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By Nicole Donnelly January 3, 2020

It’s officially 2020 and if you’re like 40% of Americans, you have made one (or more) resolutions to help improve your life in one way or another this year.

Me? I don’t call them resolutions. “Lose weight,” “save money,” or “eat healthier meals” never worked for me. Instead, I set specific goals for myself. This year they include, among others, lose 10 lbs, transfer 10% of my checks into a savings account, and stick to a well-balanced nutritious breakfast.

After doing some research in the final weeks of 2019, I have decided on a delicious and convenient breakfast option that is going to help me get back into my routine after the holidays and help me achieve a couple of my 2020 goals.

Let me save you some legwork and share my solution with you guys.

BELVITA Breakfast Biscuits

BELVITA Breakfast Biscuits are one-third of my new favorite breakfast. The biscuits are a delicious blend of grains that are gently baked for slow release of steady energy, which makes it a perfect start to your morning when paired with a piece of fruit and low fat yogurt. These delicious little bits of heaven come in three forms: crunchy biscuits, soft baked biscuits, and crunchy bites, and each of those come in a variety of flavors which means I can make a flavor selection based on my mood. Because let’s face it, some mornings are Blueberry mornings, some are Cinnamon Brown Sugar mornings, and some are something else.

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My favorite BELVITA Breakfast Biscuits-pairings are Dannon Light & Fit Original Greek yogurt and a bowl of mixed berries.

Dannon Light & Fit Original Greek yogurt

Yogurt is always in my refrigerator. It’s a great convenient snack, a blood sugar pick-me-up, and an excellent breakfast accompaniment. My favorite to keep on hand is Dannon LIght & Fit Original Greek yogurt. Dannon offers a variety of fruity and indulgent flavors, each with just 80 calories and 12g of protein per serving, making it so easy to stick to my 2020 goal of eating a well-balanced nutritious breakfast. Plus, isn’t it always easier to do this when it tastes good? My favorite flavors to stock up on are Light & Fit Strawberry Cheesecake Greek Yogurt, Light & Fit Banana Cream Greek Yogurt, and Light & Fit Salted Caramel Greek Yogurt.

To round out my breakfast, I always make sure to include a glass of water and a cup of coffee (because I am a tired mom, after all). To make my breakfast extra-indulgent, I make sure to drizzle International Delight® Coffee Creamer into my hot coffee before drinking.

International Delight® Coffee Creamer

Black coffee has never existed in my universe. Never has, never will. International Delight® Coffee Creamer gets me. Their coffee creamer is the only product I use in my coffee because their flavors cannot be beat. My go-to is Hazelnut, but when my fancy mood strikes, I know I can turn to them for a special occasion cup-o-joe flavored like Birthday Cake, Cinnabon, or Peeps.

Do you see how easy this goal is going to be for me? With BELVITA Breakfast Biscuits, a serving of fruit (mixed berries or bananas are my favorites), Dannon Light & Fit Original Greek yogurt, and some coffee and water, a balanced breakfast is a breeze.

Watch out, 2020 goals. I’m coming for you.