Life after LuuF

A family reviews the LuuF Mattress

By Zulema Gomez, Macaroni Kid San Marcos-Vista Publisher December 14, 2020

This Mama is a big fan of sleep. However, sleep has not always been a big fan of me. I am not a great sleeper. I meditate, I exercise, I turn off my devices a half hour before bed, and I drink chamomile tea, all in an effort to get mediocre sleep. Lately, none of my sleep rituals had been working and I was getting to that place where the days flew by with me in zombie mode. My husband had not been sleeping well either, as he has had back pain lately. One day in complaining about our recent lack of sleep, we realized that our bed was now as old as our child -- 9 years old! Our new mattress had been a gift to each other as new parents. It was definitely time to shop around. 

I don't know about you, but for me, mattress shopping, like car shopping, can be an overwhelming experience. If you want a quality mattress it can be very expensive, and then there is the whole waiting around for the mattress movers to arrive. Between work and virtual school we just didn't know if we had the physical and emotional bandwidth to add this to our to-do list. 

My husband looked up reviews for the LuuF Mattress -- he thoroughly researches everything we buy! There are worse habits, I suppose. LuuF is very well-reviewed, provides a no-contact delivery experience, is Certipur Certified (which means mattress foams are free of harmful chemicals and substances), and the bonus is that LuuF is 100% hand-crafted in the USA and made with locally sourced materials. With their free exchange and no questions asked return policy, we agreed to try it out. 

My husband and I are both side and stomach sleepers so we chose the LuuF Luxury Firm Mattress after going through the online guide on different sleepers vs different mattresses. We were surprised to see LuuF made mattresses specially made for the little ones, the Little LuuF, so we got the LuuF children's mattress for our kiddo too. LuuF does have an extensive line of mattresses though, and all very well priced. Adult mattresses start at $899 for a Queen and the Little LuuF starts at $499 for a twin.

Sleep magic in a box

Our mattresses arrived in two neat packages via FedEx within a week of our order being placed. It was a no-contact delivery that happened as I was in a Zoom meeting, so convenient I didn't even know it was happening. The install was simple as well. Both mattresses were easy to unwrap, decompress, and install onto our bed base. As soon as we laid on our mattress, we knew this was a good choice. I have a high arch in my back so I don't sleep on my back for that reason -- it is extremely uncomfortable. When I laid down to test our new mattress, I felt the cushy foam layer support every nook in my back. My husband too said, "Wow, I don't feel any pain in my back." 

Every nook and cranny is supported by the LuuF countering coils

A week later as we sat on our living room couch, out of the blue he sadly said, "Babe, I think our bed is now literally the most comfortable spot in the house." I'm sure he was secretly wishing he was sitting on a LuuF couch (so please get on that, LuuF!). My husband works at a retirement community and he has been telling everybody who cares to listen to get a LuuF. My son is totally sold on his mattress too, mostly because of "how awesome it looks" when he bounces on it! I have noticed he sleeps in longer in the mornings, which is the rarest thing for my son, who, like me, had not been the greatest sleeper. 

Little LuuF time 

It is amazing what a good night's sleep can do though. I feel like I'm out of that zombie fog and  I actually have consistent energy throughout the day. My back and neck have been feeling great and overall I just feel good. This is what life after LuuF looks like for my family, and I encourage anyone who is considering shopping around to check out LuuF as well. Let's face it, after the year we have all had, we can all use a little rest. LuuF is affordable, safe, convenient, and has great mattress options so you too can get a great night's sleep.

The following will be helpful to you on your journey to great sleep:

This article was sponsored by LuuF Beds, but all opinions are my own.